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A travelguide for your visit to the Dutch GP! New on the calender is the Dutch Grand Prix on circuit Zandvoort. The first visit for many Formula1 fans from all around the world. (racevisit in English) is here to tell you all information a visitor needs to know!

The Track

Did you know that Niki Lauda won the last Dutch Grand Prix in 1985 starting 10th? Next to him on the podium: Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. The track is located in a unique place! It is located right beside the beach behind the first Dunes. The track and facilities will be improved, these modifications will be ready before April 2020. The track has a length of 4.3 kilometers which is approximately 2,66 miles. In total 14 corners and 2 of them will have a banking, which is unique for modern Formula 1! No run off areas just gravel beds and in the banked corners a concreet wall with no mercy for errors! The track record of Zandvoort is driven with a Jaguar Racing Boss GP by Klaas Zwart: 1:22:849,

Max Verstappen at his first time on the new circuit

Max Verstappen made his first rounds at the new circuit in Zandvoort. He did it in a Formula 1 car, the RB8. Check the video for his first laps.

Visit the Dutch GP

General admission in the dunes of Zandvoort.

The weather forecast

Giving you a weather forecast for the Netherlands during the Dutch GP in may is not so easy on long term. The climate in Zandvoort is a maritime climate influenced by the North Sea. In May it is spring in the Netherlands, weather is changeable. Temperatures vary between 10 and 24 degrees. Rain is very possible, but early in may the weather can also be like a beautiful summer day. When it is windy we advise you to bring allong a jacket and ofcourse an umbrella when rainy! Locals use the website or app from “” to see the rain forecast for the same day.

Visit Zandvoort during the GP

The village of Zandvoort is a beach resort with long sandy beaches and has a population of 17000. It is often called Amsterdam at the beach. Very populair among tourists, the majority of whom are Dutch and German. The city will host several events during the Dutch GP enough to see and do! The village will be shut down for cars! So you will have to stay at a accommodation at the village or use alternative transport like bike or train during the Dutch GP.

Public transport to Dutch GP.

Zandvoort has its own train station with direct trains from and to the city of Haarlem and Amsterdam. By train it will take you only 30 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station to reach Zandvoort! From trainstation to circuit it is about 10 – 15 minutes walk to the grandstands. The price of this trip: €5,90 for a one way ticket. When you want a return ticket it will cost you €11,80. You can buy your trainticket online or buy an OV-chipcard. This public transport card will give you access to all public transport. Children can buy a railrunner ticket of € 2.50 if they are traveling train with an adult. If you don’t know how to walk from the trainstation in Zandvoort to the circuit, we made a video for you. Watch the video and you know the way!

Visit the tulip fields!

The tulip season is around your visit to the Dutch GP at it’s best! The season starts beginning of april and last until mid may. A visit to Keukenhof in Lisse can be most exciting! More than 7 million flower bulbs bloom in spring in these gardens. Within a 15 minutes drive by car you can find fields full of tulips near Vogelenzang and Hillegom for free. Ask our members for a beautiful autoroute alongside tulip fields at our forum. It will cost you at least 2 to 4 hours to complete this route.

Visit Amsterdam & Haarlem

You can visit the city Haarlem en Amsterdam by car or train from Zandvoort. Both by car as by train it will the same traveltimes. 10 minutes to Haarlem, the city with one of the highest density of bars and restaurants in the Netherlands. The beautiful old city centre is worth a visit! Amsterdam is by car and train 30 minutes travelling and needs no further introduction. As locals we would recommend you to visit “The red light district” and the Rijksmuseum, The guided tour “highlights of the Rijksmuseum” will show you the highlights of the Rijksmuseum has to offer. This guided tours are available in English – Dutch – French – German – Spanish – Italian. As in every big city: be a ware of pickpockets.

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